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Contact us if your
computer is plagued
by any of the following:

  • Slow Operation
  • Data Loss
  • Missing Data
  • Missing Programs
  • Start-up Errors
  • Frequent Lockups
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Other difficulties.

Training & Tutoring

Tailored to YOUR specific needs.

We don't offer "canned" or "generic" training sessions. All training and tutoring is tailored specifically to your computer, your needs, and your current level of comfort and expertise.

Just some of the subjects we can assist you with are:

  • Understanding the Home PC (2.0 hr appointment)

  • How to Use & Understand the Internet (2.0 hr appointment)
    • Email
    • On-line Buying
    • Safe Surfing Tips

  • Intro to Digital Photography (3.0 hrs)
    • Based on client’s current knowledge of camera. Includes selecting proper photo file types for specific end uses

  • Intro to PC Hardware (3.0 hrs)
    • Learn what components are in your system
    • How to add and remove peripherals and expansion cards
    • Simple diagnostic techniques

  • Understanding & Handling Digital Music Files (3.0 hrs)
    • Copying CD collections to MP3 / WMA
    • Converting various media file types
    • Using digital media in personal players

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    All site visits include FREE system optimization.

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