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Wireless Networks

Freedom of movement.

Think of a Wireless network as a way for everyone to share your Internet connection and just about every other computer resource you can think of.

By connecting your DSL or Cable connection to a wireless Router, all the computers in your office or household can share the Internet -- all at the same time.

You can connect your computers directly to the Router with Ethernet cables, or put wireless network adapters in them and communicate over radio waves, saving the trouble, expense, and mess of running cables through walls, under floors, and behind baseboards. Sit on your patio with your laptop, fully connected to the Internet and other PC's in your group -- without wires!

Once your computers are connected to a wireless Router, they can communicate with each other too, sharing resources and files. All your computers can print on a shared printer connected anywhere in the building. And your computers can share all kinds of files -- music, digital pictures, and documents.

Keep all your digital music on one computer, and listen to it anywhere in the house.

Organize all of your family's digital pictures in one place, to simplify finding the ones you want, and easing backup to CD-R. Play head-to-head computer games within the household, or against Internet opponents.

Utilize extra free space on one computer when another's hard drive starts to fill up.

Your wireless network will be secure, too. All wireless communications are protected by 128-bit encryption. The Router helps keep intruders out of your computers.

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